a Good Thing

today is grey and brown,
on a day like this you need a walk with the dog to cheer you up!

leading the way
he's caught wind of some animal (probably pheasants)

coming away from the river towards me

rolling around

rubbing his head in the dirt

whenever we go for a walk Tungsten will drink from puddles, rivers, streams, it's obvious that to him outdoors water tastes better than tap water; he'll wade through it when possible and after having gotten back onto dry land he'll roll around and rub his head and neck, I've tried to capture this on the photo's above; it Always makes me smile, which is a good thing


Valerianna said…
I like your greys and browns, and the yellowy-white pup color, too.
I've always wondered why Pasha cat doesn't get parasites as he drinks from stagnant puddles on our walks, too.
Saskia said…
I just love the fact that you go for a walk with your cat!!



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