weather has changed completely: temperature has risen (slightly) grey skies, rain and drizzle, feels colder; from white to brown

manage to get a bit of sewing done in the evenings

still working on this autumn piece, colours suit today

p.s. collected my car yesterday afternoon and guess what: the men there had vacuumed the inside!! it was a pigsty, must have hurt their eyes; anyway did not get a chance to thank them, as they'd already left; will drive by later this week and do so.


Valerianna said…
Wow, now THAT is car service!!
(Lovely photos, too)
Saskia said…
I know, really special
Anonymous said…
it has gone from white to brown here, too... I love your autumnal pieces -- the way the whites take your eye in and out...

and don't you just love little surprise gestures of generosity?!!
Saskia said…
Dee: it is Pouring from the heavens, yuck! Went to the garage yesterday to thank the lads with sweets.



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