jack sparrow eat your heart out

tear repaired with patch on the inside

shirt as a whole; what I particularly like is that the shirt has kept the original lightness, the original looked like this
patch on the inside

details of seams: I have handsewn over the machine stitchted seams, not to hide them, but to acknowledge   their exsistence

detail of back, more pics here

detail of front: plackets stitched and the 'shape-seams' (correct term?) emphasized with stitching 

the Jack Sparrow shirt is my first finished project for 
Jude Hill's online Contemporary Boro 2 class; more pics of the shirt's evolution  here.
A labour of love, needlepricks, excitement and frustration, have already gotten started on the next project(s)....


comment over at Boro...
this is just so FINE.
Saskia said…
have read your comment over there, thanks and a big hug
Mo Crow said…
love the sleeve detail this is stunning
Saskia said…
a big thank you Mo



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