forever Ai Weiwei

handpainted porcelain sunflower seeds, detail Sunflower Seeds

Rocks (2009-2010)

Forever (2003)

Trees (2009-2010)
 Ai Weiwei (Beijing, 1957) Artist, architect, designer, curator, fervent social media adept. This rainy afternoon was spent at the museum De Pont in Tilburg, the last day of Ai Weiwei's exhibition.
A quote from the museum brochure:" Until I discovered Marcel Duchamp I had no idea that art could be a way of life (...) It was my salvation and immediately ended my struggle. I understood (...) that art could be a gesture, and such a gesture can take any shape the artist desires. It can become a painting, but also something completely different."

For me personally 2012 is the year I changed in the way I see my art, so this exhibition struck a nerve.
Nice detail: the museum is situated in what used to be a textile factory


i am deeply grateful for this
Saskia said…
you are truly welcome here
Mo Crow said…
those trees! thank you for posting, these Saskia, Ai Wei Wei is such a courageous artist an inspiration to the world (visiting your blog from Australia via Grace's Windthread in New Mexico)
Saskia said…
yes he is truly courageous; isn't it wonderful how we can meet like this!? for me internet (amongst other things of course) has brought the world closer to home and me closer to myself; I'll visit you later on, have work to do in the office this afternoon. Thank you for dropping by and leaving such a nice comment.
Nancy said…
Wait...What...those sunflowers are not real??? Wow.
Saskia said…
I know: they represent so many things; f.e. Mao saw himself as the sun and the Chinese people as the sunflowers turning their heads in his direction......can you imagine making yourself that Big!?



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