black bean silk shirt shibori

the resulting colour is a pale blue-green colour; I had tied the black beans on the inside (my mistake), meaning the most definition is on the inside as well, so I am going to have to cut the shirt and sew the loose bits onto the linen shirt, as I want to make a reversible quilted jacket; I am not sure what kind of seams I am going to use

the shirt was mordanted in soymilk and was dry before tie-ing the beans
the first soak in black bean dye black beans soaked in water for twelve hours
after a twelve hour soak, I added the water I used for cooking the blackbeans and brought the whole mixture plus shirt almost to boiling point, turned off the gas and let it cool down; after rinsing and washing with water and soap the colour went from purple to blue-green. 


jan said…
i've had the best results from soya milk mordants. these are lovely. jan
saskia said…
thank you Jan, I have noticed you are dyeing as well
Anonymous said…
what a great idea to tie the beans into the ties! the result is amazing.
Saskia said…
yes i was rather pleased with that, it was a lot of work to tie and then untie them!! but worth it I think



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