working title 'a rather useless cupboard'
eggshell, feather and bit of blue plastic found on the walk - so you get an idea of the scale

the inside measures appr. 7x7x37 cm, so not a lot of storage space; however during my walk I got to thinking what if I put (parts of) everything I think is essential to me in there and see how big it might turn out to be and then take it all out and spread that on a sheet of paper and see what I consider to be 'essential'.
There are quite a few conversations-in-blogland on sustainable living going on these days, downsizing, consuming less, recycling etc, it got me re-thinking and this piece has become about that: being aware of how much or in fact how little I need in order to survive....which perhaps is not the same as what I might need to live a happy and fulfilled life.........




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