experimenting with a weave, for days now, ever since I reorganised my studio in fact, I have been thinking off & on about weaving in a frame; because that's how my mind 'works': I see the canvas-stretcher and the goat's wool and the two mesh in my brain (during a walk, in my dreams..) and the idea evolves and all of a sudden I'm drilling holes and choosing which colours to use and I have no idea what the outcome will be and this is the result; a useless weave, useless in the sense that you cannot wrap it around you, too loose, too small and yet I have learnt 'something' am not quite sure what that is, anyway it doesn't matter, the ideas have materialized.

just for the record: back row is nettle-dye, middle row from the forgotten pot (cow parsley/comfrey/tealeaves), front weave: cow parsley yellow and original white

the frame measures 20x20 cm


jude said…
i love this. i will bring some portable weaving while traveling.
Saskia said…
thanks Jude, I'm curious to see what your portable weaving will look like.......



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