strange bird-bag

the blue linen strip is a  trouserleg, which is the base for the bag; it was a puzzle how best to use the leg and strange bird-quilt; I wanted to have several pockets, but then each pocket would be too thin and have to have a lining and what I wanted was to make a relatively simple bag. So in the end I decided it will be a single, lined pocket (if that makes sense) with the bird on the front and the sun-moon bit on the flap, so that meant cutting the quilt, and this way when closed the quilt is whole again; I can always add a pocket later on on the inside; I like the way the back has turned out with the band of trouser-blue in the middle; now all that remains is to stitch it all together.


Anonymous said…
This is really a great bag... the bird really speaks volumes in a language I THINK I understand (!!)... from my recent push to make bags for a May sale, I learned that it is almost always easier to insert the pocket before final assembly... I sold one without a pocket; buyer requested one; I added b/c she is a friend - and the whole time I was thinking - It would ALMOST be easier to just make a whole new bag with a pocket!!
Saskia said…
thanks Dee, I will sew the inner pocket in straight away!! I so love practical advice; and I'm glad you like the bird, because he was inspired by one of yours
Nancy said…
I like this Bird Bag, very much. A wise old bird I think!
Saskia said…
wise and a bit grumpy looking even, but curious as well I hope, curious to get out there and see the world!



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