yesterday evening, walking back along the path, one of my favourite spots for shooting photographs

scraps gathered as a first step towards a small journey I'm thinking along the lines of a so-called small Allotment combining bright silks from Jude, eco-prints made during Marijke's workshop back in 2018 and delicate linens from Catharina

always the need to find order in the chaos

oops no birdsong sorry for blip first time round

the birdsong!

How well suited to the Allotment Cloth.
This too was recorded yesterday late afternoon, as it had been a grey-stay-indoors-day, at last, I managed to get loads done on the laptop and sewing machine. Most of the stitching is done by hand, but the horizontal bands are sewn together on the Singer.
I'm still determining how much of the quilting I will do by hand and what the Singer will handle.
There will be just two layers, as I want it to retain the light feel it has thanks to the linens and it can be used as a table cloth or Summer evening wrap. The backing will be white/cream made with what I have in my diminishing stash.

I love how it reminds me of the land.

higgledy-piggledy notes

this one's is for the last band along the top

birdsong in cloth

now for something completely different 

cabochon yellow bronze tint 12 mm earrings

cabochon red copper tint 14 mm earrings

cabochon dark bronze tint 16 mm earrings


Liz A said…
sadly, your birdsong would not play for me ... but I do love your earrings, though it has been decades since I wore any myself ... the dog/house combos especially made me smile

your quilt it a joy to look at ... even as it makes me wonder what is keeping me from starting on one of my own ... the mix of tiny pieced bits and simple open patches is delightful to see ... and I am taking mental note of your choice of linen pieced top and backing only
Dana said…
I, too, was sadly unable to hear your birds, but echo Liz in my appreciation of your beautiful quilt (I love the little bird prints in the small blocks), which I would put on the table in a heartbeat. A double intstead of a triple layer is a good idea for that use.
Nancy said…
I'm chirping in to say that the video wouldn't play for me either :(
The cloth looks beautiful in the great outdoors. Best of luck on your sales. I've been unable to wear earnings for years...otherwise, I may be tempted! Love visiting your world...another bookshelf to look through!
Ardensgarden said…
I heard the birdsong!!
Thanks for your blogging!
Saskia said…
sorry Liz, Dana and Nancy, when will I learn? if I want to post a video I have to first download it from my phone onto my laptop and then upload it onto the blog, I often think I can get away with downloading it straight from my phone....which I can't! this has happened before and no doubt will happen again, ugh
also, am having to rethink the Allotment quilt as I realised if I want the last bird piece to be seen it'll have to be in a different band, or else it will disappear from the table, as it were.....stay safe and well xx

hi Ardensgarden, sorry for not knowing your name, thank you for dropping by and leaving a message! stay safe and well xx
Nancy said…
Now I hear it! (((Smile)))



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