things that make me happy and a couple of deep thoughts, edited

some of the Dwellers sharing Easter lunch together, the rest are either still busy in the Large Kitchen, others are frolicking outdoors, enjoying the glorious sunshine

 planted a fig tree-cutting yesterday, a gift from a friend who's moving house next Wednesday, giving up her garden but not her love of plants
I joked to the husband: soon we'll be able to wear fig leaves in our Garden of Eden instead of our undies.....

mostly wild flowers from our wild garden


I wonder what we'll make of these weird months, once or should I say 'if' we get back to normal and what normal will look like

how we are all connected, like stardust

Joni Mitchell


Liz A said…
love your wild flowers!

I was (guess I still am) a wanna-be hippie ... thinking now of the Last Whole Earth Catalog and how we might live more gently on the land ...

we are stardust ... we are golden ... and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden ...
Nancy said…
Love the flowers! I'm not sure how I...we will come out of this time. Sigh. Say hello to the Dwellers!
Saskia said…
hi Liz, that is a fun-fact to know about you! I hadn't even heard of WEC up till now, thank you for mentioning that. Of course I had to google it and have now caught up (kind of) reading about Stewart Brand and his latest work, noticing how he manages to stay controversial, even amongst some environmentalists, how nuanced everything is once you start looking closely and always having to work with less than 100% anything becomes, in a sense, a question of belief...that's where I am most of the time, in the grey areas, perhaps that's where an artist should be....
stay safe and well xx

goodmorning Nancy, letting the wild, indigenous flowers just go ahead fills the garden with colour and green ground cover and they provide nectar for indigenous insects; a side benefit for me is they reduce the need to weed; also, as we have a lot of shade, once the trees are in full leaf, not all plants manage and this way the ones that can, grow in the right place; over the 24 years we have lived here I have tried growing many plants that were not suited to the garden, nature is a strict teacher and I am a slow pupil, haha.....stay safe and well xx



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