dogs, birds and a mask

guard dog pose
he has an excellent view of the garden gate
he can either warn intruders off
run out to welcome them in

Funny how quickly one adjusts to the new normal, scary even come to think of it.
Yesterday I went shopping in the garden center nearby, this might not seem like an essential errand, but even so I felt it was necessary. Spending money locally feels like an act of social solidarity with small businesses.
As I was putting my plants back into the cart after having paid, I felt the next customer was just too close for comfort, she apparently did not feel the need to keep a distance; I notice how some folks still walk about as if everything is the same, their behavior in public at least looks unchanged. I felt unprotected, unsafe.
In normal times, I like to keep strangers at arm's length, well outside of my personal space-bubble, nowadays anyone within a 2 meter-range is suspect.....
Which is why we enjoy living in the countryside so much!
Which is also why I decided to sew a face-mask for myself. Now, whenever I go out on errands I feel I've done my duty towards others, myself ánd my family.
I don't wear one on the dog walks close to home as there's a lot of space in the outdoors and people maintain the required distance.

shot at ground level: very black cigar cane tips

meanwhile in the studio: experimenting with making small paintings for the jewelry line  I have embarked upon.....birds and dogs of course

I asked our youngest son to make a template for me, with three different size circles - I just knew he would be a lot quicker, it would have taken me hours to figure it out - which I could then print onto good quality paper to use for the miniature paintings

none of these turned out absolutely perfect, in the sense that no two are alike and the gel set strangely i.e. with tiny bubbles making for an antique glass look, haha. They are for sale, because I think they are good enough. Still working on the relevant website page..........
As my husband likes to say: 'the best is the enemy of the good' 



oh....i just grinned! at your face is GREAT! and
cheerful and heartwarming! This is the kind i could wear...
something that might bring a smile. Love too the growing
jewelry offerings
Mo Crow said…
love seeing spring in your garden, wondering what the white flowers are in the first photo? the mask and your new jewelry line are so full of Joy!
Dana said…
I love the jewelry paintings and the mask! I agree about the garden centers....very essential for mental health.
deemallon said…
I picked up a box of local produce last week, too, and it was fraught with the same concerns. The earrings are fantastic ! Just adorable. Quirky. What a great idea.
Nancy said…
Your 'mask' is a delight! Grace's comment made me thing, what if face masks had big toothy smiles on them? Would it help ease the stress? You just keep coming up with new, great ideas...I even like the animals on painted paper...sort of an eye-I spy! Everything looks like a nursery item to me these days. :)
Give that pooch a rub behind the ears for me. xo
Ms. said…
Same concerns here too. Your facemask,earrings and garden are SUPER.
Liz A said…
I'm thinking you should add the words "Get Back!" on your mask ... because surely I'd step in for a closer look ... ha!

and now I'm imagining "Mind the Gap" may take on new meaning ... hmmmmm

Patty said…
Love those earrings! I have a bunch of those circles and clear
stones to go over them. You're welcome to have them! Email me if
you're interested.
Saskia said…
now I imagine you grinning Grace, great image;-) xx

drooping tulips Mo xx

the joy and comfort nature brings these days is immense Dana xx

'quirky' is a great name for this series Dee! xx

toothy smiles would definitely freak me out Nancy, like clowns.....I'll stick to my bird;-) xx

well super sounds.....super Michelle xx

grinning now Liz, something one wouldn't notice behind a mask! xx

what a generous offer Patty! for sure I'm interested, will email you, meanwhile have a look around the stuff-for-sale on my website and you can choose whatever you fancy xx



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