how utterly absurd

Bill Withers in the background, as I was listening to Nancy's video in her latest post,  this Blue Tit fluttered onto the window sill right in front of me, pecking at seeds, I tried to capture it on camera without scaring it off by sudden movements on my part, hence the poor quality, resulting however in sheer joy

inspired by a sudden longing for lightness

my mantra

an old piece I found at the bottom of a basket when looking for stuff to fill out the prayer flag, hidden beneath the flap....

how utterly appropriate

The prayer flag was half in tatters and I had been considering doing something about it on and off for some time now.
After reading Mo's post 'love is the answer' showing Marti's cloth-love-message, I resolved to restore the prayer flag flapping in our front garden; I took it down, threw it into the washing machine, hung it out to dry, tore off the snippets of almost nothingness and embarked on my  mission of restoration! I managed to salvage a green and a yellow flag from the original, sewing thin cotton onto the backs, rows of thread stitched up & down making them whole again.
First new one done and then partly undone [sigh] was the 'Everything is Connected' star cloth. Then I went rummaging for bits to match and noticed Maria's linen dyed square draped around one of my press handles, great I was on a roll here. The 2 Happy Birds lino-print, the start of a cloth never even truly begun, a small white journey, quite unfinished; several strips of lovely fabric dangling over my worktop, now sewn together with a purpose, an old woven piece from one of Jude's classes, a dye experiment....

there, all done!


Marti said…
Today, for the first time in a long time, the windows are open, birds are singing and wait, I hear a soft movement in the air...AH, I know what it is. Your prayer flags are dancing in the wind Saskia, each so unique and beautiful. They are dancing in the wind, sending out comfort, caring and connection. I hear them, see them via your video and I and my cloth out front, also dancing in the wind, send greetings and thanks.
Mo Crow said…
(((Saskia))) thank you for this post filled with beauty, light & hope!
Nancy said…
I love this recreation! To see the work of your hands dancing in the wind of your space...spectacular! Hugs to you!
thank you...the video heals
Ms. said…
Reading blogs past midnight I was DELIGHTED to view the videos of your beautiful surround and to hear the birds too. I've been inside the apartment today, weary and not able to work up the energy to go out into deserted Manhattan. Perhaps tomorrow. Thank you for the loveliness.
Liz A said…
your prayer flags ... this I can do ... thank you!
Saskia said…
Everything's connected Marti, just a question of looking closer.....
not that I presume to manage that, impatient as I am, easily distracted by all the stuff I want to cram into a day, restless within my own space, I miss out on lots of clues, yet it is what I believe: everything is connected.
Funny how this morning, whilst walking with youngest son, I mentioned how I'd found the piece with the hidden phrase 'how utterly absurd' on it and how appropriate I felt it was for the times we live in. His reply was: 'you could also say that this is normal, how and what we were used to was utterly absurd....' hmmm, he got me re-thinking....xx

thank you Mo, your post set me going! xx

hugs to you Nancy xx

I'm glad it does Grace xx

oh Michelle, I think of you often cooped up and isolated for much of the time, we hear such scary news about NYC.... to be able to share just the teensiest of life here and the sense of freedom in our garden is the least I can do xx

you can Liz, we all make an effort don't we, whatever way we can xx
Liz A said…
I thought I could ... so I did craft a banner of flag-like quotes from the Peace Pin Project ... thank you for inspiring me
deemallon said…
Yes what others say: the lightness, the joy and hope and the utter aliveness in those prayer flags waggling in the wind. Thank you!
Saskia said…
you are welcome Dee! they're fluttering gently now, I can view them from my studio desk as I type on my laptop; I wonder when everything will be normal again, and what that will look like xx



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