Pippi Longstocking: 'I've never done it before, so I guess I can' 
Astrid Lindgren

light shining thru'

I have been too busy to post or follow much online this past week. After feeling pretty down and out most of the weekend, I began a new jewelry series 'spread a little love' not to quash my emotions but rather in an effort to  channel them, working with my hands is the only way I can make 'sense' of anything

I then got a phone-call from a friend needing help in her garden, in our so-called one-and-a-half-meter-economy this was a possibility for me to earn some dosh whilst maintaining a safe distance

this in turn inspired me to take on a garden-project in our own, images further down below....the weather has been absolutely fantastic and I found it impossible to stay indoors during daylight: when I wasn't pottering about in my friend's garden and ours, walking along the river or in the woods with Django, I was sewing/patching/stitching on the porch or in a sunny spot, away from my laptop

I'm now even more motivated to stick to my original plan of having two layers, so when I do hang it against light you get the wonderful stained-glass feel. Plus it will remain as light in weight and feel as possible. The back will be a white/cream patchwork, using what I have lying about in my stash. Running stitch being my favourite will make for a perfect kantha-finish

the Allotment hanging on the clothesline out back, it has become so long it's trailing in the grasses. Along the long edges are bands of strip-patching, chiming in perfectly with the ones Jude demonstrated in class.
Instead of making a robe (which I don't wear anyway) I'll continue to work on this cloth, as it's large too and I can still follow ideas suggested in class.

back to the garden

I managed to save a couple of plants growing in between the cracks: Aquilegia, Jack-by-the-hedge, Campanula, Cow parsley, forget-me-not and Californian poppy!
They have gone back in and I'm monitoring their progress

just a little fun, vegetarian croc

 The almost completely overgrown path upwards to the house, it was five tiles wide, but you can barely make out three for all the wonkiness and weeds, out and out they came....I have to admit after 15 slabs or so I felt quite overwhelmed but I said to self 'no way are you going to put them back! just plod on and see how far you get today...' this was Thursday and by the time the sun had moved way west I had managed to start placing them back, highly motivating

in my mind an imaginary song, something along the lines of '....down the garden path we go - hey ho - hey ho - ....down the garden path it is, on to the BirdHut....'

yesterday my hairdresser asked me if I could make 20 face
masks for her? An actual order, duh yes I can. Life has a funny way of urging me on


Mo Crow said…
love seeing spring in your garden and your edges in both the pathway and the big cloth
Dana said…
Wow, your path project is exhausting just to look at, but what a tidy effect! I applaud your willingness to keep on, it really paid off. Your Allotment quilt is so fresh and appealing. I'm looking forward to its progress.
Ms. said…
Delicious in all ways. This wonderful post is life encouragement.
Nancy said…
Oh my gosh, the hard pathway work you've done! That and your yard looks so beautiful. I really like the borders on the cloth...more wonderful stepping stones! xo
Liz A said…
I'm impressed with how quickly your quilts come together ... the strip-pieced edges of the Allotment are so of-a-piece that I can't imagine how it could be any other way ... as always, looking forward to the next step
love so much coming to your walkway, the little table with
plants and flower pots....
i want a flower pot. i don't know why.....
Saskia said…
this season is always full of promise Mo, even now; funny how I hadn't noticed the edges echo eachother....those staggered stone edges are something I had seen in a tv-program years ago, maybe 15 or so, and I wanted to try doing it myself, I sure waited long enough to act upon this desire

the beginning, as with so many things Dana, was the hardest....once you get started stuff moves one way or another...

thank you Michelle

stepping stones Nancy, that is a lovely way to put it

Liz, I was at a loss how to continue with the edges, and I cannot quite remember why I thought of making these strips and why they would fit, maybe subconsciously I was remembering Jude's class with the robe-making first-time-round as I hadn't seen her latest posts before getting started. Once I got to making them I thought of them as either wild borders or paths...perhaps they can be both

I have lots of pots with flowers, Grace, they are an indulgence as they need watering



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