old hat, new caps

lovely new/old hat arrived last Sunday in a bin-bag full of clothes, Autumn is good like this, generous with nuts and fruits, and clothes it would seem; as soon as I walked by the studio GhostBird called out to me: 'hi there, nice hat, d'ya think you could make something for me as well?' 'like what?' 'like that oak leave twig you brought back with you this morning, how 'bout sticking some pretty feathers in there as well!' He looks very fine indeed and can carry off anything I think

 Upon which many other gang members wanted a hat as well, 'Fancy Dress, hurray Saskia, oh yes let's!' So I fiddled with these tiny acorn caps and fine feathers and tried to find heads and hats to match; I'm afraid I didn't have enough to go round, and some heads were just too small....however they enjoy admiring each other just as much as having a hat themselves; here's a picture of some of them..... getting all of them together and then sit still was quite a challenge...perhaps another day
Found a pair of legs in the garden the other day, I thought the OBK might want to use them, but he said No. He said he was now so used to his stick body he wouldn't be able to walk about on legs anymore, better give them to somebody who can still use them he said. We will wait and see who arrives on our doorstep then.


Ms. said…
Thoroughly charmed after midnight, and just what the doctor would have ordered for this gloomy Fall Manhattan moment. I've begun to rummage 'round my own stash of stuff for change of season. Wonder who will come to claim those fine legs.
Dana said…
Bird feet or antlers or pen marks...they are wickedly calligraphic. Everyone, especially you, looks dashing in your hats.
always good to have an extra pair of legs available

and the hats..well....the hats. you in yours.....
Nancy said…
You wear it well my friend! And the gang at the Dwelling...they do too! How lovely to see so many of them there in their finery :)
Saskia said…
no one has so far Michelle, claimed the legs I mean, namasté
calligrapic is good Dana, like signs pointing to connection
quite Grace, & thx
oh Nancy, Friend, your Small People feel at Home here



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