part 4, slightly inebriated; More Summer Fun

in the UK we visited our friend Rosie (my Artistic Mother) who lives in this delightful house in her son's garden; she has yet again managed to create a small pocket of Eden within & without

am running behind and have not a Clue where to start, so I'll start Here
where I'm At

the verandah now has glass windows on the south-facing side as well as a bamboo screen, which still looks very white, I do hope this will mellow with time; am particularly proud of the glass windows, which are all recycled panes, along with all the wooden parts, even the screws have been re-used; I have come to the sudden realisation that I am in fact a PatchWorker by Nature, this is what I can do, in All that I do and make

 Haven't been online regularly for a while now, especially since the holidays started and I have not quite fallen into any kind of regular rhythm, regarding posting or anything else for that matter; since I have started to relax more (why & when did I stop?) I occasionally have a glass of red wine....and as I very easily get tipsy, and I mean after one sip - maybe two - I feel Funny in no time at all; I have developed a theory about this: on the day I was born I was in fact intoxicated! I am neither embarrassed nor proud of this fact, it is the way it is. How do I know this: I have in my possession a receipt from the hotel my paternal grandparents were staying in the week before I was born. On said receipt we see the amount of drinks they drank each evening, a fairly modest amount; the evening before I was born (18 May 1963) however the number of alcoholic beverages consumed had increased by x% (I'll have to find the receipt for exact figures); how so?  my parents had joined my grandparents for dinner at their hotel and so it stands to reason the increase was in part due to the arrival of my parents; my mother admits she too had one or two of those drinks, to which she adds 'we also smoked like chimneys in those days' It's a miracle I survived and am as healthy as I am, ha!
 apart from glass and bamboo, there are also old 70-ies bedsheets on the ceiling; I think the favourite 'room' in our house has to be this verandah

the hand sewn dress has had another dip and enjoyed more avocado/onion-dye wicking on hot Summer days

stumbled upon him in the woods, he was almost as startled as I was: I almost stepped onto him! however, his fate was much more fortunate than his mate below: found him dead in our garden, how he died is a mystery; can't have been dead long judging by his eyes

many, many walks with the dog
jolly TeaTime-gathering in the Dwelling

full moon in our bedroom


Nancy said…
I love the back-patio-room and the fact that you are so handy!. It was nice to see the Dwelling and some old friends again.
All this...YES....the wine is good medicine.

windows....the ceiling.....more and more Beauty
Saskia said…
oh that outdoor room is something else Nancy, best part of our house for sure

it keeps energizing me Grace, making stuff like this, organic and slow and at a loss for words, am grateful my husband lets me muddle on like this, not that I need his permission, you know what I mean



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