such a bountiful day, and hours left yet

 one of the treasures I brought back with me from our trip to the UK  'The Serendipity Foundation' by Sam Smit; I bought it at Heffers Bookshop, where I found myself so overwhelmed by the abundance of books, new titles and unheard-of writers, I chose safely, i.e. either authors I already knew and was sure I would enjoy, or had at least at some point in time read a book review about (even if I couldn't remember whether it had been positive or not, the name had for some reason stuck in my mind)
One bookcover caught my eye, and even though I had never heard of the author I decided it was worth the risk, the risk being several pounds, so no big deal really. I have since googled his name and discovered his book was published by Unbound, how serendipitous, as I've recently plegded towards the funding of Sylvia Linstaedt & Rima Staines Tatterdemalion also to be published by Unbound - in Cambridge I was completely unaware such a publisher existed, and now not only do I own one of their beautiful books, soon another will arrive and as some of you may know Rima Staines and her amazing, beautiful artwork, you can guess how excited I am by this prospect. What's so special about this publishing initiative is that the authors get to keep half of the proceeds profits, which makes for a much better deal for the actual creators.

from the link The Serendipity Foundation. Unbound  this excerpt:

Sam Smit grew up in The Lost Gardens of Heligan as it was being restored, and around the dinner table where The Eden Project was dreamed up. It was a youth of watching people come together and achieve amazing things.
And then he left to the world of International Development in South Asia, and the grip of cynicism started to take its hold.
The Serendipity Foundation attempts to broker a meaningful dialogue between these two extremes. Whether hope or cynicism wins is likely to depend on whether his book gets funded.   
I guess we can say, hope won. Having just gotten started I can't tell much about the book, but after all this I have to admit to being very intrigued.

 we went for our morning walk and were greeted by this tiny frog, at first he kept leaping away from us, but once he'd sussed we meant no harm he agreed to sit still and let me get a close-up shot; he's very, very small, hardly bigger than the acorn you see in the picture below, just as green though;
 treasures collected on the walk

 just before we left the house, friend A. rang: 'are you interested in some wooden tiles, 6.5 square meteres to be precise?' 'Yes, of course I am, even though I haven't the foggiest what to do with them as yet' 
so here are the stacks, friend A., who's an architect, suggested I might use them in the middle part of the studio floor and use straight wooden planks along the edges, how ingenious is that, plus very classy indeed! Another Autumn project has transpired.

our eldest said: 'what if we stuck the root parts of our store-bought spring onions into the earth, would they take root and grow?'
the answer is YES!

also from friend A. a fruitjuicer; in the glass my first home-made fresh apple/pear juice, from fruits freshly picked an hour before, the taste is incredible, absolutely incredible.


Liz A said…
The five blocks of wood look like pages from an ancient atlas ...
Saskia said…
ha Liz, you are absolutely right!
Ms. said…
DELICIOUS POST as usual and I too LOVE love love
Rima but can do no financials on the wed (no credit or debit cards and currently no extra cash to spare so I simply root for them. Such beautiful, brave and true folks! Big love to you, yours, your new floor, and all.
Maria buysse said…
hey saskia it is long ago , the pillow-dol is lovely to see and wow... al those good pieces of wood ... job to do !!!!!
indeed they look like pages of a old atlas
i m glad you all are well and blessed
harte groetjes op deze grijze zondag ochtend
these times, when they come, when everything seems to be whirring
along so in sync grateful we can be for them and this
post is such an example...the easy warmth and contentment ....
Love and Love
Saskia said…
aren't they sweet Michelle, Rima & her family I mean; I had noticed your comments over in The Hermitage btw; talking of sweet, the fresh juice is really something else, I wish we could share food & drinks via internet as well!

ha Maria, long time no see; glad you're still reading; today has been sunny all day, I feel this is a good spot weather-wise

oh wow yes Grace, and you know what the day got even better: we went to a wedding party in the evening and there was some great live music, I danced for two and a half hours
Saskia said…
oh, and I too keep having conversations in my mind after having read all of your comments.....
Anonymous said…
the usual richness of the senses here... maybe because I haven't had breakfast or even my coffee yet -- it's the bird glass and juice that grabs me most!
Saskia said…
wish you could grab it Dee, now wouldn't that be something: from virtual to actual world through the screen



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