how unrelated occurences collide and morph into something meaningful

 they have been chopping trees faster than you can say Timber! in the nearby woods and though I was feeling kind of opposed to begin with, I have to admit I am surprised by the pleasant changes; especially where the light comes shining through, magically almost, in hitherto nondescript spots; the woods have evolved into a New Place for me to wander and get lost in.... Anyway, whatever my thoughts or feelings on the matter, it has happened and I try to make the most of it in a practical manner as well: I collect small bits of wood and bark*, along with the feathers, pebbles and rusty objects I find, they accompany us back home and often find a new use

* I keep meaning to take a rucksack with me next time I go for a walk so I can collect more; I also keep forgetting to do so, which is pretty annoying, what to do?

 She, I find myself referring to the Doll as a 'she', has made a bed for herself from this bit of bark, the perfect length for her. She is, in an instant, a reclining figure, very statuesque.

I cannot remember if I have mentioned this before, but I used to play with dolls a lot in my childhood. I even had a pair of baby twins, a boy and a girl, anatomically correct, both had blond hair, which was okay as I did too and being their mother that made sense; their brown eyes could be attributed to my childhood sweetheart who therefore must the father. Conception had no secrets for us, egg-semen-womb were involved, even if we didn't fully understand how relations between partners actually worked.

 'if She gets to lie back and relax, so do I'  he says to himself.

our eldest son was back home for a night and I was eager to show him the StrangeDoll, as I value his opinion on all that matters to me; he liked it very much, especially with the bed: 'a veritable piece of art mum' is what he said. 

I want to make more


Nancy said…
Saskia~ I love her! May we all find such beauty in reclining :) As far as the trees, it seems to be that old 'crack letting the light in' ~ although one may not choose this type of removable, I am impressed by your adaptability to the positive...and rather quickly too, I might add. Nice.
Mo Crow said…
Wow you are making good magic in that long light!
your Sun Lit Forest.....

and Her....well, relining on her chaise lounge....i thought of
Freud's women, on his couch, drifting and telling their InnerMost

listen closely here, what does she tell.......
Debbie said…
Love her reclining looking perfectly relaxed
Saskia said…
Nancy: yes I'm pretty good at adapting to all kinds of things, making me a lousy inventor, I'm not one for trying to find a better way; I like her too.

Yes Mo, I believe I am

Grace: I'm sure she has lots to tell, will she though? I have a feeling she wants to be seduced before she'll share.....funny you should mention Freud, my mother was a psychotherapist and told me rather a lot about him.

Debbie: if we could all be this relaxed, life would indeed be Bliss!

Anonymous said…
she is a thing of power AND a thing of beauty. nice when the boys notice or approve, isn't it?
Saskia said…
weird how much i still crave approval, and yet there it is, i do Dee - i feel She could be a StrengthSource for me in that dept.
Love her very much and I so enjoy looking thru your blog. Keep up the great inspirational work!
Saskia said…
thx a lot, encouragement is always welcome:-)



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