GhostBird, a portrait

funny object friend J. found in De Geefwinkel  inspiring the middle block in piece below  'a dog for all seasons'


Mo Crow said…
love your ghost bird!
Maria buysse said…
beautyful thing you made !!
let us enjoy autumn
Ms. said…
Ghost-bird is ghostly and that wonderful object is a trivet for an iron...Love it and the center piece it inspired.
Debbie said…
Love both pieces
Saskia said…
you know Mo, I drew the larger bird with tailor's chalk and stichted following the guideline bird 1 done; then I dropped a black thread onto the piece and kind of shaped the black one, kind of memorised the outline, started stitching deviated from the original and it became something rather lovely, if I say so myself.

thanks Maria, I am! collecting nuts and all

oh haha, I knew I could count on you for the exact word Michelle; I did know what it was for, not what it was called, didn't even know the Dutch until you came up with trivet, it is a vuurbok in Dutch btw.

that is an exellent title Grace!

thank you Debbie

Anonymous said…
oh i love that ghost bird too
Saskia said…
thx Dee The Birds here constantly surprise me



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