slices of an indian summer life

 apart from disturbing the slow-sex-slug couples* in the field, I've been following Django on our daily walks in the woods and fields nearby; the walls of wood are impressive and will bring warmth to our houses: renewable energy! As mentioned in the previous post, the light shining through and new vistas throughout the woods are a pleasure to behold.
the woodchoppers leave spray-painted messages for each other 'beware of the wasps!' 'big' 'fibre' numbers in circles on different stacks, abbreviations from which I deduce they refer to the respective new owners

* or as my friend M.M. on facebook commented: 'tantric little creatures aren't they'

 In some places I follow him across the canals and in other spots I join him in the water: we swim in the river the Linge just across the road, which is also a dike

 am also over-dyeing and stitching clothes, this silk blouse was turning from a black-bean grey-toned beauty into a lacklustre piece, so I dipped it into the copper pot in an avocado/onion/walnut mix; I then forgot about it, time & heat did their best: the subtle results a greenish/pinkish layering, very hard to capture on camera!

in the dyepot once again thise intriguing critters with the long tails, what are they?

addendum on the creepy crawlies: have done a little more 'research' on internet and have discovered the larvae are probably from the blinde bij, a kind of zweefvlieg or hoverfly Eristalis tenax;
it's is called a rattenstaartlarve or rat-tailed maggot

 finally managing to get a grip on these two blouses which are very slowly becoming dresses, if I don't hurry up it will be too cold to wear them! the top one is very thin and light, I'm aiming to make the skirt-part* as hip-huggingly tight as possible, thereby enabling the top part to billow out a little and stay weightless, if you know what I mean

* a cut-off from the Larger Cloth, a.k.a. MyWorld, nice to be wearing a bit of my world on my hips, ha

 this one will be a lot straighter and longsleeved as the shirt (it is in fact a boy's shirt) has sleeves, with the skirt-part lined with another piece of thin fabric as it's a bit too see-through at the moment, this will also give it sturdiness; I like the fact I'm resusing the pocket from yet another blouse


Nancy said…
Now that's a lot of wood! Love traveling in your world with you...swimming with the dog = OK. But, swimming with the maggots = Eweeee!
Saskia said…
Nancy: well I suppose they are in the river with us, somewhere at least, however never in view, phew and eeeeeeeeeee.



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