the afternoon after the night before...........

 cock-a-doodle-dooooo, wakey wakey rise and shine.........time to get up everybody!
nope, don't think these two are going to get much response today. I wonder where everyone is though, nobody seems to be in their own bed (the OldBirdKing being the notable exception) 
Polly and small hare sharing a bed in the top floor bedroom, looks like they are still fast asleep is the choir, huddled up together in BirdBoy's nest; at least pigeon took care of them before he went gallivanting into the wee hours; now where could he be?

ah, here he is sharing a dish with his new found lover 

Malle ever the romantic opted for a bed under the stars, to do a bit of gazing I assume, wonder what she saw.....

as stated the only one in his own bed with old Faithful asleep at his feet, oh and Saumon Rose in the corner, so nice of him to drop by for Christmas

how on earth did the tiny three-some manage to carry down this cot? anyway room for the three of them, just about. Who's that hiding beneath her wing, OMG it's mother goose nursing a hang-over by the looks of it! Who would have guessed ?
'oh, somebody please turn off the lights' she mutters,
'that's day light' I respond,
'aghhh' she wails 'too soon, way too soon....'

best to leave them alone I think

having not indulged in alcoholic beverages the moths, butterflies and grass hopper look no worse for wear, besides the crumpled Christmas decoration and withered flowers they'll have their corner sorted in no time

ssshhhh, chef and sous-chef fast asleep under the Table, snoring to their hearts' content, which explains the faint rumble I detected on entering the studio 

poor otter curled up in a corner, I think I heard him moan...
'please, stop!...the music, please...?'

it would be too unkind of me to point out there is actually no longer any music to be heard

ah, so that's where BirdBoy is: asleep in the new-comers' tree-home 

these two ended up IN the drinking bowl, now empty of course!

and who exactly might we find fast asleep upon the Table, Frog! knocked unconscious after copious amounts of booze and food plus hop-leap-frog-dancing to boot

all burned up, I doubt this Santa candle will see another year.....

p.s. the critters in this photo are still unaccounted for (thanks to the photographer we have a clear picture of what they all look like) I'm not saying they're missing, it's just no body seems to remember when they were last seen and I certainly haven't been able to locate them just yet; I am so sorry Julie and I must apologize on behalf of the Gang for having kind of lost them, however I am confident we will see their safe return, sooner or later.

If any body Out There happens to have any information on their whereabouts, please feel free to contact us via the comments box

I do not want to end this post on a sad note and therefore raise my cup of tea in a jolly salute to you all dear readers, once again we wish you a continued merry Christmas and may the peace of the force be with you!

a thought occurred to me just now, having seen my year according to google and been mulling over the fact that there are hardly any images of other people there, just me, the dog, a couple of musicians and the Gang, leading me to the conclusion that I am somewhat of an anti-social creature who seems to prefer her own company: if I can't be the person I aspire to be (a more social/caring/gregarious person) maybe I should settle for who I am in humble acceptance melded with a sense of gratitude. 

- to make things absolutely clear: I'm not asking any one to say differently - the most I hope for is to make you smile once in a while, which is my way of saying thank you and making life on earth a bit more bearable, in the only way I know how


Unknown said…
My friend wout has an odd duck visiting his ditch every day: one of yours?
Mo Crow said…
oh Ha! that was some party at your place Saskia!
Debbie said…
Please be yourself you make me smile when I read your blog
Anonymous said…
to be bearable comes next after we have except our self
after we have recognize our self in the other
and so on .....
gregarious ... gezellig leven
gregarious ...kuddedier
that's what i found in the dictionary
so You are and YOU are not i gues
for me that IS o.k.
Ms. said…
Hey Saskia Happy 26th. I loved the critters holiday doings. Hope the lost ones find their way back to your stable. Hope the weather is kind to us all, and hope we can all be kind to everyone we meet, and side step those who are not able :-)

Your musing about having no others in your photographs touched me. I am the photographer in my photos, and so I'm often not there. As for others, well some folks don't want to appear and have made it known to me so I avoid posting those pictures at the blog and at face book. Face book end of year thingy doesn't work well-I fiddled with it for an hour and still couldn't get access to my full photo files, so I opted to do a generalist sort of listing instead of monthly. It's not a very accurate picture of my year at all but it will do. Onward...only a few more days and 2015 (yike)
Liz A said…
I recall feeling better about my introverted self after reading Quiet by Susan Cain (although like many books I read I can't seem to remember the details) ... we are who we are. And I for one wouldn't miss a single tale from the birdhut. Your imagination lives in a most wondrous place and I am so glad you share it so freely.
Happy twelve days of Christmas!!!
this. so completely Satisfying. Completely. How beautiful it all
was in the beginning and how wonderful it is at the finish. A perfect Celebration.
I look forward to hearing how they all feel in a day or so, with the uhhhh,
new connections made on the high of the Night. Will they stay?, or simply be
quietly remembered for the impulse of
the Moment?
I think this should be a Picture Book.
Nancy said…
Ah yes, just to be yourself. And not only accept that, but embrace it! Looks like a grand time was had by all...some more than others :) Being a part of your story life is a treasure I look forward to. Merry Happy!
Saskia said…
yes Jennie, if you could ask your friend to print the photo, he could check to see if it is indeed one of ours! much obliged.

Indeed it was, Mo.

a smile is a good thing Debbie.

Maria, ik hou van mensen maar liever niet teveel tegelijk, gesprekken één op één vind ik fijn; maar af en toe een feestje is ook goed hoor.

well Michelle, we finally have snow here at last, just missed christmas, I do indeed hope the 'lost critters' have found a place to stay - we can only hope for the best and let them take care of themselves.
As for the year in photo's that was a facebook thing, I didn't realise, I thought it was google; same difference I guess; it is funny though how being confronted by the images sets one on a thought trail and then you and so on....we live in such an image-bombarded time it's good to take stock of what really happened and how we have managed to capture our lives, which is never 100% accurate. Be that as it may, it does bring back memories. And now we let go of 2014 and pitter patter towards 2015......

hi Liz, I'm not sure I am an introvert, it's just that I don't enjoy crowds; I will keep on sharing, although it's not as if they leave me a choice! As they like to say in the sequel business be continued.....

Grace: a picture book hmmm, I will ask my local bookman, see what he makes of it! re the 'new connections' we will just have to be patient.

hi Nancy, embracing who and what you are, yes it does boil down to that. The story. as stated above, will no doubt continue; happy merry to you too;-)

patricia said…
i'm loving everything about this post...and especially the disclaimer...the recognition of self in relationship to self and others. and love you just the way you are. i'm never able to post here...but i'm sending this thought out just the same.
patricia said…
wow--first time in ages
yes. ask. i really DO think it would be a book that would appeal to a variety
of "lookers" a child's size
picture book...with the stories, too,
of course. Talk about sequels...
it could go on and on forever. A
year's worth at a time. to collect....
Julie S said…
Or a calendar....every week or month, the story continues. And dont worry, that gang always goes AWOL around the holidays,now that you have snow, you can follow their guess is that they are visiting all the different manger scenes in your town. They will blend in unles s someone says, " were there DUCKS in Bethlehem??"
Heather said…
Wow! Oh to be at your house for Christmas! Such fun - and I'm sure Advocaat had nothing to do with it!



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