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 gorgeous sky, blustery winds, a fresh and springlike morning; T's leg has improved somewhat, we are now able to walk together for about half an hour; I have to monitor him closely and check we don't go too far as he is always eager to just keep on going
'hazemannetje' finally finished! 38x52 cm/15x20in 2013

now he can begin his adventure and wander off into the wide world, at times filled with strange beings, headless deer - or is that due to carelessly cut off cloth - dogs that can walk upwards, flowers forever blossoming; not to worry Hazemannetje, you are ready for this land of ours and what lies beyond......

Hazemannetje's faithful companion Sparky

the yellow bird, if so inclined,
could of course follow and report back to us; he promises me nothing in this respect (nor does he promise anything else either) Hazemannetje says to me not to worry and I agree outwardly, but you know how it is with one's children: 'tis not easy letting go. So 
I salute you both, Hazemannetje and Sparky, and wish you well; I have but one hope: that you may some day return safely to share with us the stories of your travels!

 More experiments with whites and see-through fabrics: the burnt and tree trunk stencilled fabrics are sewn on to a piece of white cotton with dashes of bright colours, that could suggest all manner of things/beings; I'm not yet sure the blue roses are going to remain here; top photo is of detail, bottom pic is the whole piece

 in 'Grace does(n't) do white' more animals have appeared; the cat at the bottom is sewn in between layers, with a sewn outline like the previous lace experiments; the small red dog is sewn on top of the larger dog-spirit, so he is in the outside world, but still dependent on his mother/father?

above bird shadow I've added bits of white cotton and a lace experiment 

 interesting bit of fabric from the latest addition to my stash; it's curtain fabric (a cotton/polyester mix) with circles that are half see-through, and the other half has two shades of colour; just to see what I might do with it in bottom pic: hanging in front of a piece, very evocative I feel 


patricia said…
loving this--all of this--the stories, the whimsy, the stitching, the shadows--loving the play of light and what it does and doesn't reveal. bring it to the light i'm thinking, and that seems to cleansing. there's a lot of momentum happening for you right now, and it's thrilling to observe. love.
jude said…
i love how you have floated into all this.
Saskia said…
hi Patricia: thank you for loving all this, all these things together give shape to a huge part of what my life is about really.

good evening Jude: I like the thought of floating, it suggests effortlessness; whenever I tell my friends what I'm up to in my studio (and in blogland) or when they visit me here, they always comment on how happy I am in this space.
your studio...it really IS a
wonderland...a daydream...not
only for you, but the Ones that
find themselves drawn into you
cloths and paintings, dioramas.
there is such un selfconsciousness
about it that is quite uncommon

Ayn said…
I too am loving all these pieces, your drawings are wonderful and the stories...especially drawn to the animals and the shadows, inside/outside, great stuff!
Nancy said…
Dang double dang X 10 = I love your work man!
Every piece speaks so loudly of who you are in your space and storytelling. I love to view and read and ride along with you on this journey!
Saskia said…
I am overwhelmed by your comments ladies....
Grace: I am Delighted that you say I'm unselfconscious about what I do, for that is one of the main objects in making Art, absolutely delighted!!
Ayn: thank you so much; the story telling has become so much a part of the pieces, or more precisely thanks to blogging it is in the open now, for the stories were always there of course.
Nancy: back at you, I love your visiting and sharing here and on your blog;-)
Anonymous said…
gorgeous... gorgeous and more gorgeous! I'm impressed with how productive you are, first that. But more, I just love the storytelling elements in your beautiful compositions... they'd be fine without their critters, but they are so much more WITH them... you inspire me to add some!
Saskia said…
thank you and thank you yet again; I don't feel particularly productive, but hey if you say I am, it must be so;-)
the critters help me along when I'm stuck and looking for a way back into a piece



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