music and cloth and a visit to a wonderful garden

'clueless' or that's what I've named her; we met in Villa Augustus yesterday, the V.A. is an experience rather than a place: in the enormous restaurant one can enjoy delicious home made cakes, salads, lunch, dinner, high teas, wherever possible ingredients come from the vast kitchen gardens and greenhouses you can walk about in and fantasize how you're going to copy this at home.....; wander about in the formal gardens and mazes, admire the stone walls built  from bits of rubble from the site, sit in the sun on quirky garden furniture, shop till you drop, then recover yet again in the café-restaurant with cappuccino and the most chocolaty chocolate cake ever! belly and mind full, body tired after all these impressions, you could even stay the night in the hotel, located in the former water tower.  The whole lay out is incredibly inspiring and it is also a very happy place to be thanks to the interiors designed by artist Dorine de VosAs you may imagine I couldn't wait to get home and start creating again; it was a birthday treat from my friends M, J & J. Ah, being 50 is turning out very nicely indeed!

a small piece, a little bird piece actually, started yesterday evening, wanting colour more colours and still experimenting with sheer fabrics, 'lace' and see through imagery

front held against light

back held against light

glue stitched with double dark blue and a single cream thread: in both cases the bird can still be seen

Laura Marling 'I am a Master Hunter'

Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling 'The Water'


i have very little interest in going most places, but this Place....
just reading about it is good.
thank you and i LOVE again as
always how the experience WANTS
to flow through your hands...
you are just the best.......
Saskia said…
thx Grace, I am so unfit for life in many respects, but thank the universe for being able to Make!
- I am impatient, childish and unforgiving towards my nearest and dearest I must confess....they suffer my frustrations with humor and patience, it is not always easy being the only woman, confronted by so much flexibility; this studio/blogworld of mine helps keep me sane!
yes. i would assume that to be
the case..with all the testosterone
but then too, it might work in the
way of pushing you to make your
own world of the studio and look
at what rises up from That!...because of NEED for it. and then blogging,
well, it is such a gift to Us.

and thinking more about the above
visit, isn't it just such a RELIEF
to find someplace that Makes Sense?
Mo Crow said…
love your trace of lace
Saskia said…
ah Grace: the studio-life does balance the whole fe-male issue and yes a place like VillaAugustus is a HUGE relief in this hustle bustle world, where values are in high demand and short supply...more on that later
Mo, thank you; I love this experimenting - not only with lace- it has brought me so much new content (for want of a better description) to add to my work
Anonymous said…
Hi Saskia, I feel your pain about being the only female... even our dog is male! having places of refuge is so, so essential - and this one sounds incredible.

I'm working backwards, but let me say here - HAPPY B'Day!!

And these experiments of lace and sheers are so incredible! They clearly create at least three very different pieces (make that four) -- front backlit, back backlit, front not backlit and back not backlit... how different they all are is amazing!
Saskia said…
hi Dee, T's a he as well; I want our next dog to be a she, for my sake! is a milestone.....

this exploring with the sheer fabrics, the layering and the 'lace': all this happened through working with white in Jude's class (although there is colour here) and I'm really fascinated by the endless possibilities, especially with the layering and effect of light, all with thin cloth for maximum impact



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