the pendant with the pregnant woman; 

making 'lace' and working white-on-white inspired by the WhatIf Diaries class over at Jude's; the folding/cutting technique is exactly the same as I use when making stars for Christmas, this particular way of making them was taught to me by my Danish mother.

half of the 'lace' in between layers

pouch sewn together with 'lace' on the inside

lace sewn on by tracing outlines; left is what will be seen on the outside.

the final result; gilded edges and a handmade cord using Jude's technique; I think it could be a gift from a mother to a mother-to-be, the pouch might contain a lock of hair, after baby's first haircut, or teeth, who knows maybe the child will bring the mother feathers and flowers and she could keep those in her pouch, for safe keeping.....

worn on my skin

oil/gold leaf on wood, fabrics, copper wire; 2013 measures appr. 8x10cm/3x4in


patricia said…
Hi Saskia. how did i miss all of these posts? all of them -- from turkey to today. well, it kinda feels like Christmas morning. and i'm so in love with the pouches. the mother's pouch. did you know that today here in the u.s. it's mother's day? the thought of a pouch for a tooth. a feather. a lock of hair. oh. the sweet ness of it all.
Saskia said…
hi Patricia, yes it's mother's day here as well, not that one would notice in our household!! the boys' last holiday-day and they're making the most of their me-time-and-please-don't-ask-any-favours-mum, not today.
it's my birthday next sunday so they can do their utmost to make up for it then!
I'm glad you like the pouches, seeing as you're the Expert on pouches these days....
deanna7trees said…
i just love how you created that lace effect inside the pouch. you know i'm a lover of lace. it would make a wonderful gift.
did you modify that paint brush
yourself???? i think you might
i used to do that with brushes
for a specific use....
Saskia said…
Deanna: oh yes I knew you would like the lace (well I hoped you would!)

Grace: the brushes modify themselves in my way od doing things, I use this one for detailed gilding....I also use my fingers which is slightly wasteful: miniscule gold dust bits become attached to them, but there you go my techniques are far from oerfect!



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