a new piece of jewelry, a small oil painting of a mouse-figure with a golden ball, could be the sun, maybe the moon or perhaps a dream he has been chasing.....the fabric-surround is actually a small hand sewn pouch, in which the mouse or wearer could hide a secret 'something'.

oil/gold-leaf on wood, fabrics, sequins, beads, cord; 2013 pendant measures appr. 7x8cm/2,5x3in


Nancy said…
Such a wonderful creative expression! It is magical from the mouse figure, to the snip of the beautiful beads. What a treat!
oh, You. just look at You.
Best You. Fine You, having a
mouse dream.
i dreamed last night about being with the Dalai Lama. how amazing.
and today i drove long miles with
that Roadrunner and Lizard on the dashboard of the truck. Lizard has dried nicely.
So...they were muttering very
low and i couldn't catch all that was said and a lot of it was in Spanish, too,
but they were wondering about getting to the Netherlands
Saskia said…
hi Nancy: thanks! how about it being a magical mouse?!

and Grace: the Dalai Lama, I'm impressed; they speak Spanish, well I don't but who knows some of the other gang members probably do, yes there is some definite 'si, si' going on up there on the window sill.....they are waiting patiently (except for Frog of course, who is IMpatient and VeryLoud about having to wait!!)
Julie S said…
This is SO beautiful, and clever too. Is this your first in this kind of thing or have you been doing it awhile since I am new to your world
Saskia said…
oh thank you Julie! well the painting has been going on for years now, the combination with the fabric is very recent: a new phase I like to think
Anonymous said…
mouse ! and you ! tired now, but wanted to come here, see what you've been doing and it is good to land and absorb and see... the lace of the flowers over the canal and the lace wrought by your hands and the traveling pouch - so much invention spilling out of you...
Saskia said…
invention AND inspiration from so many is as you say in your blog: we inspire each other, and copying those we admire is the best way to learn



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