Tuesday, 21 May 2013

latest pendants


solitary crow

tiny dragon



circus mouse

fabrics galore, from my sister-in-law, my mother, my niece, my friend J., colleague R.


patricia said...

so now i'm feeling crazy. just checked in since i had not had notice of any postings for a while. re-followed/subscribed. love, totally love what you're doing--and the blue dress/ukelele shot--you're looking like one red hot momma!

saskia said...

hi Patricia: yes the wondrous world of blogs and links and comments, working or not!! seems there are quite a few hiccups these days. Anyway, thanks for your encouraging comment on work; feeling younger every new year, although some parts of the body/mind tend to disagree;-)

Mo Crow said...

the crow spirits are dancing in you!

saskia said...

if I had had a choice I would have chosen to be a bird, some type of falcon most probably; but hey making them with fabric, bones, wood or paint is a comfort