showing off dress (in bag full of hand me downs from sister-in-law), second hand boots I bought at the car-boot-sale yesterday! and ukulele: birthday present from husband, now I HAVE to learn how to play!

T graciously agreed to wear a party hat and  join in the party fun, amazing how he manages to stay cool-looking, no matter what!


Marti said…
Greetings from New Mexico Saskia; first you have the coolest haircut, I have short hair too but it needs a punked style as grace told me recently. Well, I think that will be easy to do as I'll just let the fierce winds that are here, style my hair from now on! You look in a word, spectacular in your dress but it is your boots that I am drooling over...
Saskia said…
thank you Marti, oh wind blown hair style sounds wonderful; my hair gets better as it gets greasier: more lift;-)
the boots are great (and what a lucky find at the car boot sale yesterday, btw a really cool lady was selling them) I know and because they've been worn they're supple and soft and delicious to wear; they remind me and my friends here of Emma Peel, a main character in the English series The Avengers from the '60-ies
Mo Crow said…
ha! excellent photo and Happy Birthday!
Better than Emma Peel and that's
saying something.
GB will love your playing in the
dark or near dark as will the
a perfect instrument.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear you....
U tube
Jim Kweskin and the Jug Band
Ukulele Lady
Julie S said…
You are the bomb and I have never said that before in my life. Happy Birthday!!!
Marti said…
Well I'm back for a moment to say Feliz Cumpleanos, Happy Birthday in Spanish.
Nancy said…
Happy Birthday to you!! You sure enough rock the dress-boots-hair look and T. looks like he's saying "Oh brother, here she goes again!!" Have fun with the ukelele! The only thing I could ever pluck out was the little tuning ditty...'my dog has fleas'! Haha Enjoy your celebration :)

Saskia said…
dear Marti, Mo, Grace, Julie and Nancy: thank you all!!! I had a WonderFull 50th Birthday and feel happy, alive and confident enough to celebrate a couple more before I hang the ukelele in the willows*

('to hang -something- in the willows' is a Dutch saying, meaning you're giving -something- up forever, either thru retirement or even death)
Julie S said…
wow, wouldnt that be a willow tree to actually make!
moramorasew said…
My belated congratulations Aunt! You look fabulous! x Anne
Saskia said…
hi Anne: thx, I felt it!!



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