old bird king's shadow

dog peeing

the cloth is slowly but surely revealing it's character: another shadow has appeared and only now that I look at it after gazing back & forth between the photo and all the other objects and small gatherings in the studio, do I recognize this shadow: old bird king
so now a bird and a dog stand guard over the safe space within this piece and a small portion of the cloth that started out with Grace in my mind still remains, upholding the safe space, that is meaningful to me somehow although I cannot describe or explain why that is so, not in words anyway.


ok. trying to leave a comment.
we'll see.

this cloth is wanting to tell so much story...so interesting to watch it
tell you...
to watch you listen and respond
Saskia said…
ugh, the commenting is getting more difficult everywhere!! so much for communication.....

anyways: yes it is a cloth with a mind of it's own!
so I'm following, slowly!!



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