more lace

continuing the 'lace'experiment inspired by the WhatIf Diaries; a piece of tightly woven cotton folded double, snip cut and folded open; the resulting skull - truly a lucky accident - sewn between a folded- over thin layer of black and cream cotton; on the black side you can see all of the stitching involved, on the lighter side only the outlines of the 'lace' interesting I think.

the two lower images, the cloth held up against the window,  show the light shining through, where both white and black background become grey and the white 'lace' a lighter white and a dark shadow , again interesting to me, reminding me of Mexican/indian masks, subconscious imagery


this mask image is intense...
a great gift to you...i can see
it becoming an ongoing thing in
your work...
Dog Medicine
Saskia said…
ongoing, yes I think it will be

dog medicine?! pray tell, what is this??



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