what remains

our youngest son had his end-of-year theatre production in town this afternoon; he surprised us parents with an outstanding dance and expressive-comedic performance! We are very proud. An impression of scenic after-life.

Always dangerous for me to be in town where people throw away all sorts of interesting objects, like these bamboo blinds, useful for the verandah on sunny days (wishful thinking) the folded fire-basket, which I could use as a plant support and is decorative in itself, the tall vase was a Marjan-find (she is a friend of mine) also very nice and indeed tall. The table has been with us for a while, used to belong to friends in their living-room, the smaller table on top belonged to yet another friend who also found it 'somewhere' and I used to play with the rusty childrens's cooker on top of that, the horse is part of our childrens' rocking-horse and now serves as a display element, all worn and weathered, once discarded & now a new lease of life, I therefore placed my latest 'what was-cut-away piece' in the picture.

detail of white woven moon circle




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