copper and ash experiment

copper pipe wrapped in cotton and a piece of rusty metal plus cotton

cotton dipped in ashwater

shades of grey after the dip, to be continued

copper pipes in ashwater dip, will leave them for a couple of weeks, have thrown in a couple of used teabags for the tannins

three bits of ashdip cotton wrapped around three teabags, will leave them for a couple of days

I have found the two books on dyeing I bought several years ago,
 'Natuurlijke vezels verven met planten' 2004 (Dyeing natural fibres with plants)  and 'Magisch indigoblauw' 2006 (Magical indigoblue) by 
Hilde Vleugels.
After my endeavours above I read a bit about the process of
 dyeing cotton and linen,\; vegetable fibres require a lot more preparation than I have undertaken, so I have no idea how things will turn out. In future I do want to be more 'scientific' about it and will buy the ingredients Hilde suggests. Gotta start somewhere.




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