disappointment, promising sludge and a tiny death

went with the dog for his short morning walk and saw this tiny salamander by the roadside, could not leave it lying there

those tiny hands and feet

yesterday's dye experiments with the blue silk, the blue linen/cotton mix and the blue-and-white check were a big disappointment. Peering into the pots it looked as if nothing was happening; after washing with water and soap and ironing I could see that the dyes had not taken at all! So....the blue silk is now soaking in tea and I prerinsed the cotton/linen mix and half of the check with soap and soda, the smaller checkered half left unprepared.These 3 bits went into the old nettle mush in a pan on the gas-stove.

I went out and collected fresh nettles, rinsed them, poured them over with boiling water, blended all into this fine sludge: this mixture was added to the pan, the combination was left to cook for appr. 5 more minutes and is now resting on the windowsill covered with foil, and yes those are prayer flags in the background, maybe they will bring some good luck today!


and this too. goes back to my
thinking about what we love and
why. why do certain things hold our attention with such strength
Saskia said…
instinct? pre-word-gut-feelings?



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