mother and child

saw two roe deer in the woods this morning, a doe and a fawn; we stared at eachother for a few moments ( 'I am not a threat' I thought unto her ) we all continued our stroll, it got me thinking about the colourful cloth I am now 'working on'; in the left-hand corner there's a giraffe, from a stencil I made years ago for the birthcard of our first son and when we were expecting our second child I designed a birthcard with two giraffes; I have made several paintings with one or two giraffes in it, symbols of our sons.
circles on the back

Once I became a mother my life changed completely, I had not known love like this (those who know me know I love my husband with a passion) motherly love is different, instinctual, there are no words, one tries to approach it with symbols, such as the letters strung together L O V E or giraffes on a cloth, sewn with all kinds of emotions and thoughts. So, on one level, this cloth has become an exploration of what I can do with needle and thread and stitching, cutting out and sewing back together, on another level it is about what I cannot otherwise express: mending, caring weaving lives together, circling around eachother and leaving breathing space to all; about motherly love, for want of a better word. 


i need to come back as soon as i can to honor these Posts in the
right way...salamander...
love of Mother...
but need to get out to those goats.
wanted to say that your comments
ARE over there on windthread...
click always at the very bottom where it says "show more comments"
when there are a lot of them...
i really am glad that you are
watching the changes here..xoxo
Saskia said…
hi Grace, yes I have now seen that my posts are there, oh my, the need to be seen and heard...
Drucilla said…
i love this post. i haven't experienced that (yet?) but can maybe imagine an inkling. your attempts to share what can't be put into words is lovely and touching.
ok. a quiet moment. this is
very tender to me since i am
exploring the feelings for a
GREAT grand son! i had considerable time with my grandkids, 2 of them, because my
daughter had them at 16 and 18 years old. so, for us, things were i guess accelerated sort of.
this little grandson was born to my granddaughter at her age of 21.
My daughter and i went for his birth but then i saw him only twice
and both around or before the age of one. you can't just keep "mothering", i was thinking.
really, ready to let go some. but then there i was last week with a very verbal 2 and a half year old
who calls me Old Nana. and says things like "you live far?, Old
Nana? how far is far away?" and
when we are leaving, looks up
"i so sad Old Nanna".
and so yes. there is something.
how do we "tell" eachother, what is
it that our children and children of them exudes, like some kind of
pheromone that says this is from my body.
Thank You for this post...xoxo
Saskia said…
oh Dru and Grace, thank you for your tender comments; one day Dru, one day.... motherhood knocked me over in a wonderful way, I'm not saying all is bliss, because it isn't, but it is full of all kinds of 'unexpectedness' and I can only imagine what being a great grandmother is like, Grace, you keep wowing me, that is really something! and you are still able and capable to really experience it and mean something to your (great)grandchildren, again thank you both so much



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