top piece was wrapped around copper pipe, dipped in ash-water with teabags for 2 days, then steeped in blackbean dye for 1 one day, washed with water and soap: beautiful turquoise; 

these two were presoaked in soy milk, one was rinsed with water, both were left to dry before being dipped in black bean dye for two days, thanks to washing with water and soap, they turned from a purple blue to a more green blue; I think the darker shade is the one that was not rinsed after soy soak. 

same as top square; wrapped around copper pipe with hennep string, soaked in ashwater and teabag dip for two days;  into black bean dye, then washed with water and soap, again turquoise, yummy.

presoaked in soda-and soap water (from Hilde's book) however I did not measure, wrung and no rinsing, wrapped around a tin can and fixed with elastic, straight into black bean dye for 1 day; washed with water and soap, light turquoise.

It would seem the copper helps turn the black bean dye a greener blue; without the blackbean dye not a lot was happening to the cloth wrapped around the copper pipes, however this may be because I did not leave the cloth dipped in long enough; I will explore this some more.
Looking at the pics from earlier works it suddenly dawned on me: (almost) everything I make is an exploration into what I can do, with paints, needle&thread,  canvas/cotton/linen, colours, composition, an idea translated into something material.




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