dyes and circles

pots of black-bean-dye on windowsill in kitchen

cotton wrapped round copper pipe from the bucket of ash/tea water, now soaking up the blues

second teabag dye

guy with funny nose

third teabag dye; after the teabag dye, it was rinsed and then wrapped round a tin and steeped in black bean dye, hence the dark circle and shades of blue

the colourful cloth with all the weaves and cut-out circles, experimenting here

I think the newly dyed circle kind of matches the other circles, and the blues echo eachother nicely; to the left is a piece of black bean dyed linen from my first batch.


Anonymous said…
It's fun to watch you 'build' this piece! The blue circle does seem to echo and crown, both. Thanks for including so much of your dyeing recipes... I'm determined to learn a little this summer.
Saskia said…
I am exploring here, I don't really know anything about dyeing, I gather information from other blogs and internet and posess two books by a Belgian woman....I just do, trial and error and the sharing of my experiments is as much for my own benefit as it is (I hope) for others
Heather said…
Your dye experiments are very intriguing, and your stitched cloth is coming along beautifully. I like your doodled creatures, too.
Saskia said…
hi Heather, thank you; the doodling still has a long way to go, it is more difficult than I had imagined, this is because I lack technique...



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