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early Saturday morning an owl's nesting box ready for inspection from the BirdWatch Folks; it faces south east away from prevailing winds and incoming rain! We can see it from one of the kitchen windows and hopefully we'll see owls flying in and out this coming year; it's placed on the right where the two big trunks separate just above the ivy-line, as it's painted dark green it is a difficult thing to see in this particular photograph 
Margaritifera auricularia

or as we say in Dutch: rivier mossel, roughly translates as river clam

why have I never properly noticed them before? certainly not enough to want to bring them back home; perhaps because there were so many lying about as I wandered into the fields this morning, where my presence chased away a flock of Canada geese, and as they flew up I saw all these empty shells along the canal's edge.
The insides are so pretty with their rainbow-shine: pearlescent

Maybe the colours reminded me of the latest dye-result, this T-shirt I dyed as a present for N. it's his birthday today, we'll be popping over later.
 there's avocado peel, red and yellow onion skins, coins and washers clamped, plus tea bags and a very much diluted walnut residu all in the magic mix here, fixed with a drop of vinegar and washed with coconut hand soap, to make it smell nice!

 as the days are really falling in on themselves, day becomes night all too soon, as can be seen in the photo below, where the window pane appears to be black and it's barely past 5 p.m.
this small journey I call MoonDog is also a present, this one's a going-away gift for our external coach who will be leaving us next week; images taken against a dark and a light background, so you get a better idea of the actual colours, or so I hope....

MoonDog 2015
appr. 9x23cm

the 'black' block is actually dark grey linen

meanwhile, a christmas tree of sorts has arrived in the OBK's kitchen; went for lunch at a friend's  yesterday and came back home with this bonsai glass bead tree; added a few baubles of our own, hey ho the happy season is upon us! at last, they sigh..............


oh, everything....
the Shirt...is FINE and will be much loved, i'm sure....
MoonDog against the dark window and yes, i thought yesterday as 4:30
rolled in and so darkening already...how can we do this?????
and the tree for the Hostel...adds a feeling of such warmth to their
kitchen....am sure that some there will find creative use for the
shells???? like maybe drinking pools? or bathtubs?
Dana said…
The river clams do echo the feeling of the dyed shirt...earthiness that shines. I love Moondog; the recipient is a lucky dog! I'm glad the Small Beings have such a beautiful tree for Christmas. It helps me get in the mood of the season as well.
Ms. said…
Lovely everything Saskia
Especially delighted with your owl nesting provisions. Full it is and fast it falls. The Moon dog is charming indeed!
Suzanna said…
Hi Saskia, I love the owl box! And the dyeing of clothing and cloths. I want to contact you about the Very Small Book. Not sure how! My address is suzyanna(at)earthlink(dot)net.
Debbie said…
Hi Saskia, another amazing result, love the addition of the coins and washers they add such interest to the other beautiful colours.
Unknown said…
mummy said....who is the lucky person who gets the T-shirt?
Nancy said…
May everyone over there enjoy celebrating the season together!
jude said…
a very happy holiday to you!
Anonymous said…
just love your stitched dogs. hope you have been having a nice holiday with your family.



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