From wandering in the woods & to pondering in the mind

As I look back and see my younger me, I have a few regrets, for example:
Why didn’t she just grab what was in front of her and take that particular risk?
I would now, why not then? there isn't an answer......fffffffast forward............

They say with age wisdom grows, I’m not so sure about that. What I do know is I am more grateful for what is:
From a solitary state of being in the studio, albeit surrounded by small – dare I say magical – beings, to mundane office-life full of other folks, with their own stories, desires and needs;
from days filled with chores and walks with Django, tea with close friends to long nights full of reading, love-making and sleep.

Fortunately, life these days makes more sense than it ever has.

happy holidays where ever and with whomever you are 

the magnificent Paul McCartney in London 2015 'Maybe I'm amazed' as am I!


Mo Crow said…
the golden magic days!
Nancy said…
what a lovely post, filled with lovely thoughts...and you are so right, this age brings some very nice and amazing things. Happy Holidays to you.
Ms. said…
Looks like the present circumstance holding you just right. Happy holidaze
a life that makes sense.
Dana said…
Thanks for "Maybe I'm Amazed"...bringing the past forward into the present. Time insists on moving along. I'm glad you are able to rest in the gifts of the present. Happy New Year!
jude said…
You seem grounded.



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