say yes to the dress

dress finally out of the dye pots; after the first dip I decided the lower half needed more umpf, as I wasn't happy with the hem part and the middle, which is a bit too 'heavy' in comparison with the rest.....and so back into the dye pot overnight.

as I still wasn't satisfied with the waist, I added a textile paint print with the 'rolling pin-branch' and now it has more depth/life

small cloth path, a landscape
knowing you would like to see me wearing the dress: tada!
you can't tell from the photo, but I've kept my trousers on here and that works, so I could wear it as a dress ánd as a longish kind of shirt-dress, so it could be worn almost all year round

detail of a small cloth, with ragged patches which have been stitched on to try and achieve an integrated look; the dog was first drawn with a marker in one go (scary) and sewn with just one thread as the marker also offers definition, just to see how and if this works


Debbie said…
Stunning dress Saskia, love the added bluey green parts and your little stitched piece with the dog, beautiful.
deanna7trees said…
looks fabulous. also love the cloth with the dog stitchery.....effective layering.
Liz A said…
I love seeing all the steps along the way ... and bravo for taking pen in hand! Likewise, your meandering patch path is a free-handed joy to behold.
Marti said…
The softly hued dress combined with your hat, earrings, longer hair? is terrific. Your pose is at once both delicate and strong. What I love here is how you took each dip and kept on going until the dress was what you wanted. So I keep looking at beautiful you and I keep looking at the cloth with the stitched dog and what comes to me is you cutting the cloth with the dog and stitching it to your lovely dress, on the left side, a space above your heart, appliqueing love...
Maria buysse said…
just lovely , you and your own handmade dress
i like it !!!!!!
YES! to the Dress!, to the addition of the oh so subtle blue

Yes! to she who wears the dress, to her Hat, to her Attitude!, YES!

and the landscape path...begin at the dots

Dana said…
Your dress attests to your sensitivity, courage and style. It is beautiful! Also the gestural dog and the alluring path. So you and so lovely.
Anonymous said…
you take the best selfies - watch out Kim Kardashian (just kidding). Love your doggies. I remember drawing on cloth that I was stitching for the first time and thinking, "this is crazy!" But after seeing Jude do it enough times, it started to seem natural.
jan said…
Now that really is LoveLy Saskia! A right work of art.....that you get to wear.....X
Julie S said…
I think the dog should be worn somehow, too. In all, totally amazing. Your process evokes a different time, one where we just kept at cloth (or metals or wood or beads) till it reflected the maker and then it got worn. I am totally romantiizing this but you get it.
Saskia said…
replying from last comment to the first:

completely get it Julie! if I didn't have an office job requiring a smart wardrobe, I probably would be wearing clothes that can handle a stain or two all the time.......once retired, I see myself blending in with my surroundings, haha

Jan, I love the fact that clothing is practical, so combining the art with the everyday business of having to wear something is just great

I do wonder Dee, what people who don't know me in person and only from blog-world, will make of me in 'real life'
fortunately there's always the dog to distract them if they are disappointed.

Dana, you are too kind, nevertheless I thank you and wholeheartedly accept your kind words.

for sure the right attitude Grace; the wearing of the hat has solicited quite a few comments (in 'real' life, as well as here) all of them favourable, as I'm guessing those who don't approve wisely keep their opinions to themselves. Wearing a hat this time of year makes a lot of sense as it keeps one warm, dry and healthy! Funny how wearing a hat draws out many stories from various folks, not just what they wear on their heads.

thank you Maria for liking it

Marti I like your suggestion of wearing the dog, however not on this particular dress as the cotton is too thin to support it.....will just have to make another one with heavier fabric

well Liz the process is kind of there, but nothing compared to your notes. Your manner of describing how you get where you do, must have been somewhere in the back of my mind

thanks Deanna, it was a long time in the making

merci Debbie, it's always a gamble with the printing onto something you're almost satisfied with, but it had to be done
Nancy said…
Ah yes...her it is! Here you are! Wonderful Saskia :) You wear it well! Love the scrappy dog patch.



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