Cook and Ratatouille are besotted with this dainty lass, who arrived here last week thanks to friend M; Ratty claims to be in love as well, although I suspect he enjoys his biscuits even more than he does gazing at the girl! It does mean there's a lot less cooking going on than required, however as there are so many beings here these days, more and more chip in to lend a hand at whatever needs doing, so nobody's hungry if that's what you're worried about.

in between christmas and the new year´s celebrations a small box-like package arrived from Grace of Windthread, amongst other things it contained this small shelter made from a tiny gourd! Our Frowning Frog quickly jumped in and although his expression might suggest otherwise, he says he's very happy with the swinging contraption; for the time being it's hanging in the OldBirdKing's bedroom, perhaps we'll move it outdoors once the nights get warmer and he can sit there star-gazing.
As can be seen, many have gathered in OBK's room, not just for the photo-shoot, they just love being close to him, so I have laid quilts and blankets on the floor and now many of those who choose so can sleep close to him.

notice the teeny tiny dog next to Patch?

I call this one HOME
- it started out as a walk with the dog and then became something else, as is often the case - 

the double glass frame measures 21x26cm

wishing you all the best for 2016


Mo Crow said…
clink!!! a toast to you & yours at dawn on January 1st, 2016 here in the Land Down Under!
Anonymous said…
happy new year to you and yours, too, Saskia -- not just 'your guys' but all the critters who populate your world!
Nancy said…
Cheers to All!! This post was especially exciting and special because my guys just began their journey today towards your place!!! YAY!!! The sweetness over here really touches my heart Saskia. Happy New Year to you All, wrapped in Big Love!
Ms. said…
To all beings and things good year to you. May all you need be provided.

love ALL
of course, the little gourd in OBK's room

and the little house has my curiosity wide open

Love to All here on this First day....
jude said…
the stage is set!
Saskia said…
cheers to you all, on behalf of the Gang



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