lieve Tungsten ik hou van je

dear Tungsten passed away today, he stopped eating yesterday or was it the day before, he threw up all the water he did manage to drink, he was hurting, it was enough; I am very sad

solace for a mournful soul Zoe Keating


Marti said…
When I hear of news of loved ones passing, I go to my blessing altar and light a candle. Please know that one is lit right now for dear Tungsten, for you, your husband, your boys, all who knew of this wonderful dog and loved him...he will live forever in our hearts.
Saskia said…
thank you so much Marti, it truly means a lot to me to know you are thinking of Tungsten and us
Julie S said…
I am so sad with you, Saskia. I could always hear him panting on the paths with you when you'd write about your walks, those labs are such big presences, in the woods and fields especially.
tears o tears
but FLY, Tungsten, Fly. Fly free
and then circle round to her,
Saskia, who loves you so. Fly
and Stay. however it needs to be.
how it's one thing now and another the next. how it's both.
suddenly and oh so real....
Saskia said…
morning Julie and Grace, the first one without him, for a brief moment you don't remember why there is an ache and then you realise again: he is gone
thank you for stopping by and dropping kind words, it helps it really does.
nandas said…
Saskia, I know you from Windthread grace. I am sorry to hear of your precious tungsten s last journey. It's. so hard to lose a friend who is a dog. They just seem to fill a space in our heart that no human can reach. Take special care of your selves now... Sending love... Nance
Saskia said…
Nance thank you so much for your kind words; what you say about how a dog fills a particular place in our hearts is so very true....we will bury him tomorrow in one of his favourite spots, a beautiful place we can visit and know he was happy there
Nancy said…
When I opened your email, even knowing he was not well...
My response was, No No No. I'm so very sorry for this huge loss of yours (and your family's). I will always picture him, straight back and head down investigating on the daily walk.
Sending hugs.
KAM said…
Saskia, I have been following your blog now for many months; my dear friend Grace sent me to find your wonderful words, walks, fiber art and heart. Losing a canine loving friend who holds a most precious place in the heart and spirit of the human they live with is a very big event. May Tungsten's spirit ever be with you as you walk in your beautiful places and bless him now as he flies free among the stars.
jan said…
Love to you Saskia; blessings to Tungsten. We never forget those we've loved.
'Even when you go, I'll still love you so' (Julian Cope)
Sending lots of love; you're in my thoughts.
Unknown said…
oh, what to say i never know. but i know, i know.
Valerianna said…
Dear Tungsten,
your life is a gift I am grateful for,
may your spirit fly free,
blessed be.

Tears as I listen to this beautiful music and think of your breaking heart. Mine breaks with you for all the furred companions that have gone beyond, and for the one who is here with me now, who may follow soon-ish. Peace to you, Saskia.
Mo Crow said…
(((Saskia and your family)))
Fly Free Tungsten
Saskia said…
Nancy, alas it was so, your hugs are most welcome and comforting;
Kam, thank you for leaving a comment today, he was an incredible dog andthe house feels empty without him;
Jan, we do still love him so, and that is something to be grateful for;
Jude, I know you know thx;
Valerianna, oh your friend too? courage to you;
Mo, I do believe he is free now, no more suffering at least.
Suzanna said…
Love to you Saskia...especially in the next while when the ache is keenest...xox, s.
Saskia said…
Suzanna, the ache is constant and there are moments when you kind of forget why it's there and then you do remember and tears well and once again the realization.....phew this is life for the time being...it helps to share, thank you
Yvette said…
oo lieffie
het doet zo'n pijn
tovke ook
net als tungsten

zo'n pijn
alles wat je weet ten spijt!
Saskia said…
ach Yvette, hoe triest voor jou, het is zwaar
Velma Bolyard said…
sending a belated sad note, i know how it is and i'm sorry.
Saskia said…
hi Velma, thank you, every warm comment helps; we still miss him a lot
patricia said…
more feelings from here. for you. for your family. for Tungsten's on-going-ness. there are no words.
Heather said…
Dear Saskia, I am so sorry for your loss. Our pets have such a special place in our hearts and remind us that joy is in the world.

Saskia said…
hello Patricia, thank you for your feeling, it is tough without him

and Heather, what a wonderful way of seeing them: as a reminder of joy in this world, Tungsten's presence brought us so much joy, I am very grateful for that

both your comments do help you know
Oh no, I'm so very sorry o hear about Tungsten's passing. He looks like he was such a sweet boy and wonderful companion. It is always so very difficult to loose a pet. Oh dear pup is nearing her end. In fact taking her to the doctor tomorrow. Her back legs have been giving out on her and I don't want her to suffer any pain. Hoping the vet has a magic cure.



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