rain and sun and rain again

this is what the world looks like after it has been raining all night! how do I know it was raining I woke up at three (due to coughing husband) and lay wide awake, mind wandering to good-for-nothing-places like: we really need to fix that leaky gutter and rake the leaves to save the grass, but honestly there's not a lot one can do about it in the middle of the night with the skies falling down upon one, so I forced myself to stop thinking these thoughts and as self is also suffering from a severe cold, snotty-nosed and puffy-eyed I found my way down to the kitchen and made self a cup of tea, went back to bed and settled in with an old detective(a Lovejoy if you must know) and sipping hot tea from the mug I felt very snug and content listening to the soothing pit-pat-pit of endless rain above and occasional rumble 'chrghssshhhh' from said husband by my side; eventually I did fall asleep so I cannot be entirely sure it rained all night; I woke up again at 9:30 (bliss) to a beautifully sunny clear day, jumped out of bed, well sort of, had breakfast and off I went into the woods for a walk:

refreshed and more or less clear headed I was ready for the studio

the two pieces on the left are done, the light's not brilliant I'm afraid; notice the lace along the top of left piece from Julie's! as is the circle on the right one (not yet finished)

below details with the light shining upon and through

experimenting with printing onto Julie's lace, promising....

not so promising: yet again more rain


Nancy said…
I so love the sound of rain in the night, whilst comfy in bed! Lovely pale colors here :)
Julie S said…
I love this post, esp the part where you "settle into bed with an old detective."

I knew you would work wonders with the lace (which I believe was part of a set of curtains), it just melts right into your existing work.
Mo Crow said…
beautiful photos and love the stitching Saskia!
Saskia said…
Nancy: very soothing sound, always reminds me of camping in a tent

ah Julie, I suddenly see how one could read more into it ;-)
oh the lace is such a gift, you know me better than I do myself

Mo thank you, I keep on learning through (im)patient practice
these are Stunning. i find
lace so uhhh, hard for me...but
here, yes!, they merge, so
This years Show is going to really
be SOMETHING! i am excited.
Saskia said…
ha Grace well I am so pleased you're excited, I am looking forward to exposing it all to the world, for many people around here haven't a clue what I actually make, now let's hope they all turn out to view (and buy;-))



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