'sommerhus' finally finished, small blue and green specks of colour from Julie's fabrics

 what if I didn't hang the cloth straight i.e. from two corner points, but left it dangling like so:

 looking through this one held up against the light: eyes looking back at me

below is the whole piece:
'hare hiding under a black moon'

(22 pieces done for the exhibit)


Nancy said…
I feel like I would know your work anywhere now. Your style has evolved into a very strong You! I just saw a t-shirt tonight (gift for my brother-in-law) with a tree on it that reminded me of your trees! You can see it here:

I didn't get here yesterday, but I wanted to tell you that I am very thankful for you in my days. You have brought kindness, creativity and community to life for me and I appreciate that :)
Debbie said…
Beautiful work, the tree is amazing. Love the burnt bits, on the first piece. Both are like a story in stitch.
Saskia said…
hi Nancy, the first time I read your comment tears welled in my eyes, oh my thank you to you too for your visits and very kind loving comments, they are MUCH appreciated. Love the t-shirts btw

hi Debbie: thanks for liking the tree, it is a recurring theme and with the arrival of the Press another layering technique has evolved



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