kitchen table full of impressions

 the light this morning is overwhelmingly bright and as picture-making proved near impossible, I questioned what it was I was trying to achieve: a close-as-possible-likeness-to-the-real-thing and realised this is probably never going to happen with my phone/camera so why not go with the flow and takes pics of the pieces as they appear to be in this particular light, forget about what you think they 'really' look like, because that changes anyhow as the (lack of) light plays such a large part in the pieces, why not let the tricks of the light have a deliberate part and also don't bother with getting them right side up or only bits and not even knowing to what piece which bit belongs

detail front

sewing a single strand of embroidery thread through the grid lines that are part of this particular fabric, a backing

detail, back of top piece, again single strands adding up to a fine grid

summer piece

detail, double and single strands of embroidery thread filling in blocks of the grid



Nancy said…
Love this summer piece, so pale and lovely. Like the forget it attitude too. A while back something (don't remember what) happened and I realized that not everyone is seeing things I post the way I do due to the use of mobile phones, different computers age or quality, or even just the lighting in their own house. Very freeing and/or frustrating to realize...depending on my mood!
jude said…
image is never static. light really tricks the eye, that is why photography is so much part of a theater like display on the internet especially, but even in galleries, lighting is so much considered in the setting. lovely cloths.
Julie S said…
these are so elegant. And I love seeing your kitchen, I am such a snoop



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