...and here he still is, out and about, thinner but wagging his tail and sniffing for all he's worth; remarkable

meanwhile indoors the work continues: two pieces done; the lower piece was actually finished, but then I changed my mind and added the printed strip; that brings the total of finished pieces to 13! ready for my small exhibition in January, 17 more still 'on the go' 


and whilst I was taking pics and deliberating on how to display them here, I also realised how they should be displayed in the exhibition: the two-sided pieces should all be hanging from a (washing)line drawn diagonally across the space, so they can be viewed from both sides, hanging like flags or washing and the grid theme will become more obvious; phew that's a relief; the walls will be for the pieces that really do have a front to be seen and a back to be hidden; as the exhibition space is in a former bank, there is also a vault: a small room within which I want to place the small 'house pieces' either on the floor or hanging along the walls attached to a string with 'hazemannetje' as the centrepiece somewhere in there.....
having a little collage fun; the small girl holding onto her heart, wondering whether or not to hand it over to the guitar-playing-toad, who's only passing through....has been in my possession for about 40 years now, so by all accounts she's no longer young and innocent, but really a big girl who should know better! Decide whether or not to have some fun, gal! and worry about your heart breaking once he's gone....you'll be surprised at how strong it is


i could sit here all day long.
coming to the end with that scene and returning to the top. going down, anticipating the Old Girl...then
back. if there were anything, i'd
like to be there at the Opening.
love going into a Vault...what a
just so much love coming here...but
you know that. but i'll say it again. just so much love coming here. and a kiss for Tungsten.

Saskia said…
oh thank you Grace for your loving words, I love that you do visit and enjoy it here; interesting that you should mention the vault as a metaphor, I hadn't thought about it like that, I was thinking so much about how and where I was going to 'display the art'
the vault is a small room with a very heavy door, almost cave like, which is why I feel the 'house pieces' will sit well there
yes. the vault of home. Safekeeping.
and that 5th photograph...WHAT am
i seeing???? right in the center
a perfect Circle just like in
these pieces you are making.
Valerianna said…
Wonderful there is hearty wagging going on with Tungsten. The show sounds great, love the clothes line/prayer flag idea, and the vault to protect the "house pieces", seems perfect.
Saskia said…
hi Valerianna, he is just such a wonderful dog! (I sometimes think I dreamt the visits to the vet and hope it was just bloodsamples mixed up)
working slowly but surely towards the 'event'.....
Saskia said…
...oh and Grace, all of a sudden I See the circle
Yvette said…
Tungsten, what a brave guy
you worked hard
stunning results
ik ben even wat internet gestoord geweest
Susan said…
Lovely everything. I love the tree print. So happy to see your pup, tail wagging. Been thinking about him.
i keep looking at that CIRCLE
....what a gift back to you
for all your circles...to have
it repeated back ....
i love this. SMILE
Mo Crow said…
this is such a marvelous post heading for a solo show, you go girl!
Saskia said…
hoi Yvette, leuk van je te horen, ja Tungsten blijft overeind, we weten niet voor hoe lang;
hi Susan, the tree-of-life theme has been popping up for a while now, first in the paintings and now via the lino-print it has found a way to become integrated into the fabrics as well; I'm glad you like it as I enjoy all these experiments and that is a reward in itself, but if the results appeal to others as well, so much the better; thanks for thinking 'bout Tungsten;
Grace: well you saw the circle before I did!
Mo: ??
Marti said…
Tungsten and 2nd photo, cloth with the beautiful soft green at the top, design reminding me of cobblestone pathways and the right side with the stitching that looks like the outlook box on the first photo of Tungsten and both just melt into one and I think of him, roaming your land, the greens, the browns and it is all one and very beautiful to see, dog and cloth. Also because you feature blogs you read, I went to Tapestry and Sand and won Debbie's wonderful little basket in her giveaway so thanks to you also Saskia.
Saskia said…
congratulations Marti: what a beautiful basket you won!
the piece does echo the photo, I hadn't noticed that until you mentioned it, just goes to show how good it is to expose oneself to another's point of view;-)
i love it when you write in dutch
Nancy said…
Coming here to see your work is a highpoint to my days. You don't disappoint with this post either! I would love to see your "event" in person. But will settle for seeing it here when you post!
Anonymous said…
will your pieces be backlit? I feel that your work has no front, no back, and loses when translucence is limited....
Saskia said…
Dee, I hope to hang them in the window and then they will be backlit during the day and become 'flat' again with only the indoor lighting as it grows dark outside; for the exhibit I hope to hang them from a washing line so they can be seen from both sides as well as having the light shine through them.
I have considered making frames with glass on back and front, but that is costly and it also means you can't touch them, which is such a nice part of fabric pieces



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