another treasure

down we headed

in our search for the abbey we stumbled upon this 

the abbey
throught the entrance buildings you enter this garden area with the dovecote behind the wall and an outbuidling

inside the restored church

looking fron the refectory towards the ponds, on the right under the blue plastic sheeting you can see a restoration in progress

herbal garden

.....and here the sky as seen lying on the floor of the dovecote, pigeonholes dot the walls


Anonymous said…
that slate roof looks like quilted cloth -- and the circular stonework? amazing!
Saskia said…
Dee: what an accurate observation I hadn't thought of it that way; the dovecote was indeed absolutely amazing - and as I'm commenting backwards coming from today's post aug 10, I notice the two very different aspects: looking closed and solid from the outside and solid yet with the gaping hole up to the skies on the inside - it was like ancient and modern sculture at once, and yet it had been built for a specific purpose, 'form follows function' as one famous architect once said



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