here comes the sun

cherished rainwater as sun shows her face 

I'm so happy the sun has finally shown her face, the garden has become a jungle once more and we can relax outdoors and eat late out here, summer has arrived

the noise from the bees is overwhelming as is the smell from this  lime tree, standing proud on west-facing side of house

wild flower flower bed

on left several soy mordanted cotton bundles, wrapped around dried peony leaves, wonder if they will leave a mark as the leaves did (see below); on the right, the nettle, ground ivy, hop and tea leaves used for the dye

comfrey/sorrel dye result: the pattern is from the peony leaves I rolled in on a whim


Nancy said…
Isn't it nice when a whim works out?!! What are the big balls growing by the porch? (second picture) So interesting looking. Nice to enjoy the warmth I bet :)
so, i sat a while on the veranda.

and then slowly took in all the
imprints on cloth.

a nice trip for me...thank you.
Saskia said…
you're welcome;-)



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