Normandy, continued

live music near campsite bar: les petits fils de Jack (LPFDJ for short) they were a lot of fun, despite the lead singer's lack of English (he managed a few sentences which was more than the others members put together) they did do a number of English cover songs and quite a few of their own in French - I bought a CD; who knows one day they'll be famous and we'll be able to say we saw them in their youth, ha

Coutances cathedral

lying in our tent after our visit to the cathedral I was reminded of the dome, the upward lines and thought about how I might use that in cloth....

almost every evening we go for a walk in the countryside close to the campsite; we don't have a map and see blue and yellow crosses on telephone poles, or maybe a green marcation withethe letters FCM folwed by several numbers, clues to our whereabouts; also the setting sun and a water tower in the distance help; we either keep turning right with slight deviations or left and left again....eventually turning up back 'home' in the tent

clues along the way, such as this mistletoe at the end of a path where we would stop and kiss

what we notice here are the lone trees such as this oak that are allowed to stay in a field or along the edge, even though they might not make for effective farming; different from Holland where we prefer straight and clear, what a shame!
so many flowers along these pathways; this type of countryside is called bocage: small fields edged by rows of trees and hedges, criss crossed by narrow roads, paths really
old waterwell

Cherbourg harbour




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