landscapes, meandering thoughts leading to nowhere in particular

why I had not put two and two together before I do not know: the plant dyes do one thing the tree-trunk-printing another, and yesterday I got to thinking what if I combined the two techniques and give the plant dyes a bit more 'je ne sais quoi?' and so today I proceeded to do just that: got out the old insect riddled tree branch, the paint brush and textile paints and started rolling the cloth around and pressing and here are the results; this one below I'm definitely going to wear: a linen blouse, once white now pale pink and a sea scape or earth view all over......
so far I've removed the label and will lose the collar as well and do 'something' else there, a continuation of Jude Hill's Contemporary Boro class, add a couple of stitches here and there....

the three graces, ha, very thin linen(?) and cotton, all came from last week's ground ivy hop dye and the results were okay, but for me at least more of the same and with an unkind eye I might even say they resembled dirty linen; and now with the textile paints they look different ( that's a nice way of saying they still look like dirty linen, only less so) and I think I do like them better this way and will use them.....I'm certain I like the combination of the different techniques and will definitely carry on with more experimenting; what I find interesting is that both the plant dyes and the print-designs, made by the random wanderings of the insects eating their way through dead wood, are a natural force and I'm coaxing the plant colours to leave a mark and using the nature's printing blocks as a tool, working with what is there; attempting, I feel, to connect with everything that's out there 

I was feeling rather proud of my results and then I go and find this ivy leaf, and there are many more lying about and they All of them manage to create more, much more of this beauty, ah well I suppose it's very good for my ego to be put in my place and eat humble pie for a bit.




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