back home less than 24 hours and Normandy is beginning to fade; I wanted to add a memory of a particular smell during one of our evening walks: we had walked along this path before, sometimes coming from a different direction and the evening before the photo was taken the grass had been mown and that has a very distinct smell and I love that scent as well, but the smell I want to recall is the smell of the day after the grass has been mown and the sun has been shining all day and there is a heat in the earth and in the mown grasses and when you happen to walk through such a space in the evening as things cool ever so slightly, there is a certain fragrance: of the grasses mown the day before, releasing the sun's heat, there was a sweetness and a warmth, a heaviness in your nose, I hadn't ever noticed this before, not consciously anyway, and I wanted to remember that here, so I can go back in my mind and savour that moment. 
out of the dye pots, the water had completely evaporated from right tub, the one with the button dyes

big button becomes walking sun
faint imprints left by the smaller buttons

leaves and buttons left inklings of traces

we're back and so is he!


Julie S said…
welcome home, I loved going to Normandy w you guys. Here I believe the isolated trees were left in the fields to give the farmers some shade while they lunched. And since I am the designated lawn mower here, I am going to make sure to look for that "day after the lawn mow" aroma.
THANK YOU for taking us along. i
lingered in all the places you
showed me....imagining the 4 of
and loved that last of the
cathedral tent, but all of them.

and these marks above...are they
exactly pretty much as we see them
here? if so, i think they are
a magnificant success...
Saskia said…
hi Julie: leaving the trees for lunch in the field! I love that and I'm thinking leaving the trees for shade for the animals is also a nice thing to do for them

and yes Grace, the pics are very true to life; I personally love the walking Sun, he's quite a character already

ladies I bid you both good night; I have to go to the office, starting late tomorrow (10 instead of 8 o'clock) so that is nice for me; will have a primitive wash now as the shower hasn't been fixed completely in our absence - the door has been removed and a new one will be delivered tomorrow if all goes according to plan, ah well this is the life we lead and it is a good one x



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