yes we really did have sun today and after work T and I went for a walk and just look at this view: lush and green and fertile, you can't see them but there were lots of geese and goslings about

we weren't the only ones enjoying the sun: this tiny hedgehog was snoozing in the sun and I managed to get very close to him for this pic
small cloth with an earth  mother; the body was folded double and cut in one go, the head was added later and tilts to the left because it wouldn't fit otherwise; I started out sewing the three patch, on which she's standing, together with the thin white fabric onto the cream backing, only then did I add the figure and that is why she's almost too big. I intend to sew more figures; a baby and maybe a tree on her belly and I want to continue the stitches around her body

sunlight falling on front

front, light shining through: a lot more colour and now I notice that the blocks left and right are flowers, very fitting for earth and the blue square in the middle could represent water.
I love what I'm learning over in Jude's What If Diaries class; the layering of the very thin fabrics, using white or very little colour, working with light through and on cloth, the cutting out to create 'lace' and adding literal depth, the cutting through and layering, it is a cloth-whirlwind happening through fingers and imagination, exploring and looking (at my own work and that of others!) and experimenting and not knowing what the outcome will be, unforseen as Grace would say.


patricia said…
ooooh. she gets better and better. tell me now, the second photo, is this part of the image also covered in thin cloth?
Anonymous said…
omg. omg. she is so strong and so wonderful and i love where all these layerings are taking you. the head tilt is perfect, which just underlines that "Necessity is the Mother of Invention"!
Heather said…
I haven't been to visit you in a while and it is fabulous to see what you have been up to. And Happy Belated Birthday!
Saskia said…
Patricia: one and the same; the light changes so much

Dee: maybe it's to do with Age-ing, perhaps I'm looking at what it was to be fecund myself; although I still have regular periods, I'm not sure the remaining eggs are fertile enough to produce life.

Heather: thanks, late or not I'll be 50 for the rest of this year, ha.
Anonymous said…
or maybe, you are birthing cloth and puppets and diorama now, instead of babies!
Saskia said…
Dee, the urge to (pro)create lies deep;-)
Patty said…
Wow, powerful cloth!

I can see a couple of new books in
my future...;).
Saskia said…
hi Patty: thank you!! ah yes the books, they offer so much inspiration and knowledge



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