time for change

it was rather smelly and alive!

morning sun shining through

like the look of this

and once the jacket was washed and dried and ironed, I tried it on and I still didn't like the look of it (on me), and then it hit me: shorter! it needs to be shorter; so I pinned it upwards and that looked a lot better.......so  out came the scissors and snip snip the bottom part was cut away and I have been sewing in the shade of the verandah all afternoon and will post more tomorrow!


Anonymous said…
oh I love the light coming through!!! and you in fact waited until Thursday! good for you!
yes...that Sun shining through!!!
and you COULD restitch the cut off
bottom on the NEW bottom???? to
keep the original that was in the
pail?????? i just am so taken by
it just wicking upward...just so
much loved that.....
Saskia said…
hiya ladies, it just had to come out yesterday: it was rather smelly and moldy, the temperatures here soared in a few days, very nice for a sun lover like me. I have used the cut-offs as you can see in today's post. I intend on dyeing more using this 'wicking technique' I like the unpredictability of it. I am now on the lookout for everything linen, because I have 'discovered' it is so pleasant to work with, and I enjoy wearing it.



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